Talks DotNext 2020 Piter

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Adam Sitnik Microsoft
Adam Sitnik
Day 2 / 12:00  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Running .NET Core performance investigation on Linux

In this talk, Adam would like to demo and talk about the tools that he has been using: dotnet trace, speedscope, Chromium, VTune, Rider, PerfCollect and BenchmarkDotNet.

Vagif Abilov Miles
Vagif Abilov
Day 2 / 16:00  / Track 1 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Log in Azure (and without any cosmos)

In this talk, you will hear about how logs work in big projects using Azure Table Storage and Blob Storage. And why you should give up CosmosDB.

Jane Ryzhikova Kontur
Jane Ryzhikova
Day 2 / 16:00  / Track 3 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Metrics are fine, but why is it so painful?

Jane will talk about how to work with tools for collecting and visualizing metrics, what value these metrics bear and what can spoil them.

Scott Hanselman Microsoft
Scott Hanselman
Day 1 / 19:00  / Track 1 / EN /

Overview of .NET


Jon Skeet Google
Jon Skeet
Day 1 / 16:00  / Track 1 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Versioning, and how it makes my head hurt

Jon has been thinking a lot about versioning and now he's prepare to share his experiences, highlight some problems, and maybe look at possible improvements to come.

Rene Schulte Valorem Reply
Rene Schulte
Valorem Reply 
Day 1 / 16:00  / Track 3 / EN / Введение в технологию

The AR Cloud is real — building cross-platform AR experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors

In this session Rene Schulte will explain why Cloud Spatial Anchors is the next big thing and why Azure Spatial Anchors is a key technology and leading the market using lots of enterprises and consumer use cases.

Alex Thissen Xpirit
Alex Thissen
Day 1 / 16:00  / Track 2 / EN / Введение в технологию

Dapr for building distributed .NET Core applications

During this session, Alex will introduce Dapr runtime and tell what it takes to develop distributed applications in .NET Core using Dapr's features.

Andrey Akinshin
Andrey Akinshin
Day 1 / 10:30  / Track 1 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Let's talk about performance analysis

During this session Andrey will tell about the main tasks and difficulties of performance analysis.

Evgeny Peshkov
Evgeny Peshkov
Day 1 / 14:00  / Track 3 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Client HTTP in .NET: From WebRequest to SocketsHttpHandler

In this talk Evgeny will tell about the history of HTTP API development in .NET, its features and internal structure in various realizations of .NET: Framework, Core 2.0-3.1, Mono, about applications migrating from Framework to Core with these features in mind.

Mikhail Yarichuk
Mikhail Yarichuk
Day 1 / 14:00  / Track 2 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Why databases are crying at the night

It's time to stop treating databases as magic boxes that just do their work and are not worthy of your attention. Inside of databases are mechanisms that can prevent errors in performance. Mikhail will tell about these mechanisms and how to work correctly with RDBMS и NoSQL databases.

Johnny Hooyberghs Involved
Johnny Hooyberghs
Day 1 / 14:00  / Track 1 / EN / Введение в технологию

Building an educational game with NET Core and Unity

If you are waiting for a deep dive into .NET Core, the Microsoft Compiler Platform and Unity3D this session is for you!

Jeff Prosise Wintellect
Jeff Prosise
Day 2 / 17:30  / Track 1 / EN /

Building intelligent .NET apps with Azure cognitive services

AI is a great decision for your application, but the models used to make it happen are too sophisticated (and too compute-intensive) for the average software developer to train on their own. However, Azure Cognitive Services provides the intelligence you need to do all of this and more. Jeff's talk will be about how to use these services to build .NET apps that leverage the latest advances in AI.

Bartosz Sypytkowski Ditto
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Day 2 / 16:00  / Track 2 / EN / Введение в технологию

Living in eventually consistent reality

In this session we’ll see what common problems of distributed applications do CRDTs solve and what how do they achieve this goal with clarity and elegance.

Ivan Patudin Arcadia
Ivan Patudin
Day 2 / 12:00  / Track 1 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

gRPC and its .NET Core implementation

WCF has outlived its usefulness and sunk into oblivion. It was replaced by a framework from Google: gRPC. Is it better or worse? How does it integrate into the modern .NET Core ecosystem and what problems can it bring?

Anatoly Zhmur Broadridge
Anatoly Zhmur
Day 2 / 12:00  / Track 3 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

A long way to hundreds of thousands of RPS

We will talk about a network protocol, serialization, and databases for high-performance RPC scripts in .NET.

Jon Skeet Google
Jon Skeet
Day 2 / 10:30  / Track 1 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Dates and times: Hard, but not impossible

In this talk Jon will provide some guidance to help you write date/time-sensitive code with a reasonable degree of confidence, and test it.

Dylan Beattie Ursatile Ltd
Dylan Beattie
Ursatile Ltd 
Day 1 / 17:30  / Track 3 / EN / Введение в технологию

The art of code

Did you know that programming is another form of art? During this session with Dylan you'll learn about esoteric languages and quines, discover quine relays, code golf and generative art, and explore the phenomenon of live coding as performance.

Eric Sink SourceGear
Eric Sink
Day 1 / 17:30  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Transpiling WebAssembly modules into .NET assemblies

During this session you will hear an overview of WebAssembly and WASI, about contrasts between the Wasm instruction set and CIL and learn how wasm2cil architecture works.

Shay Rojansky Microsoft
Shay Rojansky
Day 1 / 17:30  / Track 1 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Pushing a database driver to the max: Performance and architecture in the Npgsql PostgreSQL driver

This talk will cover the latest architectural changes in the .NET PostgreSQL driver, Npgsql.

Kirill Maurin Intelkon
Kirill Maurin
Day 1 / 12:00  / Track 3 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Typeclasses in C#

Kirill will tell how to achieve effectiveness, beauty and flexibility of your code using type classes in C#.

Dmitry Soshnikov Microsoft
Dmitry Soshnikov
Day 1 / 12:00  / Track 1 / RU / Введение в технологию

.NET Science Art: How cloud technologies and .NET help to create interactive art exhibits

In this talk we see how cloud technologies and .NET can be used to create exhibit items for museums of modern art. We will also discuss whether the computer is capable of creativity and look at examples.

Stephen Cleary Faithlife
Stephen Cleary
Day 1 / 12:00  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Raw TCP/IP socket communication

This talk is a crash course in designing TCP/IP protocols, with a focus on always-on, low-latency device communication. Stephen promises that you'll leave this session with enough knowledge to use TCP/IP sockets to communicate with any custom device in a fully reliable manner.

Roman Nevolin Groupon
Roman Nevolin
Day 2 / 14:00  / Track 2 / RU / Введение в технологию

Practical F# or functional programming for enterprise

In this session, we will talk about how Roman is trying to use F# in business tasks, why he needs it and what mistakes he made.

Dmitri Nesteruk
Dmitri Nesteruk
Day 2 / 14:00  / Track 3 / RU / Хардкор. Сложный низкоуровневый доклад, требующий от слушателя знаний технологии.

Using SIMD in .NET Core

In this talk we'll take a look at the current state of SIMD support in .NET Core, including the use of intrinsic as well as various SIMD-enabled types.

Raffaele Rialdi Vevy Europe S.p.A.
Raffaele Rialdi
Vevy Europe S.p.A. 
Day 2 / 14:00  / Track 1 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Power your .NET Core 3 application with the new generation of diagnostics

During this session, we will first see the available stand-alone tools and then use the libraries to programmatically access the dump or process data to diagnose faults and memory problems.