Talks DotNext 2021 Piter

Themes haven't been finally approved yet, so there still might be some changes.
Mikhail Yarichuk SAP/Gigya
Mikhail Yarichuk
 / Track 1 / RU /

Workshop. Post-mortem check-out: Crashes, hangs, and high CPU

Crashing and hanging processes, resource starvation, and other fun stuff are not very hard to deal with in development, but what can we do if it happens in production, especially after a week of normal service activity. In this workshop we will discuss possible symptoms of the aforementioned issues and also Mikhail will show how in practice such issues can be investigated and root causes found.

Oren Eini Hibernating Rhinos
Oren Eini
Hibernating Rhinos 
 / Track 1 / EN /

A deep dive into a database engine internals

In this talk, Oren Eini, founder of RavenDB, is going to take apart a database engine on stage.

Stanislav Flusov Monopoly
Stanislav Flusov
 / Track 1 / RU /

Migration app from MS SQL to PostgreSQL

In this talk, we're going to look a few ways of migration from MS SQL to PostgreSQL, discuss problems that you will encounter and how to solve them.

Karlen Simonyan UBS
Karlen Simonyan
 / Track 1 / RU /

Simple and fast implementation of parsers in C#

In this talk we will look at the implementation of RFC 4515 (ex RFC 2254) aka LDAP Search filters in less than 100 lines of code via LINQ-like syntax using the Pidgin library.

Stanislav Sidristy STC
Stanislav Sidristy
 / Track 1 / RU /

Development of analyzers for collected .NET code to control the repository

Imagine this: the team is big and productive. Writes a lot. Commits a lot. And the projects are endless. What questions might arise about the existing codebase? Stanislav will try to answer them.

Raffaele Rialdi Vevy Europe
Raffaele Rialdi
Vevy Europe 
 / Track 1 / EN /

The new inter-language interoperability in .NET 5 and 6

This talk is about inter-language interoperability. If you are tired of PInvokes and are looking for something better, join to Raffaele's session.

Pavel Yosifovich
Pavel Yosifovich
 / Track 1 / EN /

Building a cross-platform 2D game with MonoGame and C#

At the end of the session you'll have a good overview of game development in general, and MonoGame in particular so you can start building your games!

Vagif Abilov Miles
Vagif Abilov
 / Track 1 / RU /

Frontend in functional language? Hold my beer!

Vagif Abilov will talk about whether he managed to write a normal web application in F# using the MVU pattern and a functional approach to developing the user interface.